The property is conveniently located at center of Nagoya-city. The property is conveniently 7min from Kanayama station and 25min from Centrair(Chubu Inter National Airport) by train.
Also convenient to go sightseeing places, you may feel Japanese traditions and culture.

Transportation to and from Hotel

The Way to the Hotel

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1.Get out from North exit at Kanayama station

2.Turn left on North exit, walk into ASUNAL-Kanayama, shopping mall

3.Just go straight, when out from #5 exit of subway

4.Enter the areaway at the corner of supermarket Seijo-Ishii at Asunal Kanayama

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5.Through the Asunal Kanayama shopping mall and turn left

6.Cross the footbridge over the Route19

7.Go down footbridge straightly without turn right

8.Go straight in a park

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9.Turn right at Masaki-bashi crossing

10.Go straight 50meters

11.Finally You'll see our hotel on the right