Nagoya Castle(Nagoya-Jyo)
Atsuta Shrine (Atsta-Jingu)
Nagoya Castle

Most famous palace in Nagoya.
It's completed in 1612, this castle was constructed to be the residence for the Owari Tokugawa clan per order of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Atsuta Shrine

Known as one of the most venerable shrine in Japan. It is said to enshrine the Kusanagi sword, one of the three imperial regalia of Japan. 70 festivals in a year. Over 4,400 treasures representing its 2,000 year history.

Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Nagoya/Boston Museum

The sister museum of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts is always displaying new, uniquely themed artworks selected from Boston's superb collection.


3D park containing the symbol, "Water Spaceship", and other facilities.
Wide variety of shops(Poke'mon Center Nagoya)

Shirotori Garden
Tokoname(Pottaery Footpath)
Shirotori Garden

Japanese Garden, its motif based on the topography of the Central Japan region, features a beautiful stroll-style landscaped garden centering around an inner pond.


Filled with old traditional houses, workshops and buildings of great character and interest. It has remained unchanged keeping its pottery-town atmosphere, unique to Tokoname.

Osu Shopping Arcade

Japanese garden, with numerous highlights around a pond in it's center. It was the mainstream style of major daimyo gardens during the Edo period.

Osu Shopping Arcade

One of the bustling shopping mall in Japan. All kinds of shops, including electrical appliance shops, secondhand clothing stores, restaurants and cafes are open.